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April H.

Jake is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He pays attention to detail and makes corrections that seem so minor, but make a huge difference in performance once you apply them. An expert, yet approachable and an active listener when it comes to questions or struggles. We are so lucky to have an instructor of Jake's still level...

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Christian J.

I have been learning from Guro Jake for a number of years now and I am always impressed with how well he articulates his lessons and teaching methods. Guro Jake is very knowledgeable and highly skilled at his craft. Don't miss an opportunity to train with him.

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Cory R.

I can't recommend PAMA enough. If you're looking for real, comprehensive martial arts training anywhere near the Austin area, this it. You won't find anyone better.
I've been friends, training partners, and co-instructors with Guro Jake Patterson since 2008. He is, by far, one of the best and most knowledgeable martial artists I've ever worked with. He's amazing with all of his students, kids through adults, and just an all around great person in general.

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Jane G.

This is an amazing place. You will get great workouts and feel like a badass. You will also feel a great deal of support, motivation and a completely non-judgmental environment. All levels of fitness and ability can find their home here. 

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David C.

I have known and trained with Guro Jake for years. He is the epitome of professional. His love and knowledge of martial arts is apparent in his life and business. If you are thinking about training at Patterson’s Academy of Martial Arts you are a halfway there. Go join up and make the final push.

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Esha L.

If you've been considering starting martial arts I highly recommend going to Patterson Academy of Martial Arts. Everyone is so nice and Guro Jake works really hard to make sure everyone reaches their goals. Going there is like a ritual to me and they have all become family!

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